Tucuman, Argentina

Since the 1960's our family has provided high performance engine modifications without compromising original equipment reliability, durability, and elegance.  The focus was mainly on road racing born on the rally circuits of Argentina.  The Steel Breeze Racing  business model was firmly established through the race inspired determination of the 1960's rally and open wheel racing.  Speed, performance, reliability and determination were traits that all racer's aspired to in order to achieve notoriety and local fame.

Dad was an avid racer, yet he recognized that racing provided a viable business opportunity for a hobby that was normally considered to be a ravenous money pit.  He decided to bring his entrepreneurship to the track by providing track side parts, service and installations.  He quickly realized  the opportunity to turn "racing support" into a formal business that eventually became part or our corporate history. Eventually the name Steel Breeze Racing became recognized by local race teams as the " team " to see when your race car needed specialized on site repairs to continue competing.

Passion for Imports
In the mid 1970's,  gas prices prompted the Hot Rod market to expanded and evolve away from the exclusivity of the American Muscle Cars.  The “import tuner” market was born, and our years of knowledge in developing high performance engines for the European market gave us the advantage of experience in this field. While some shops believed the "Import Tuner" was a simple fad, others recognized the viability that this opportunity was offering the future. Four cylinder performance engines were no longer simply laughed at, and the advent of better induction systems, increased reliability and durability in turbo applications brought true competitive spirit from the underdog that had the guts to show up with a four banger.

Steel Breeze Racing supports a clientele who have established trusting professional relationships with us. SBR dedicates itself to custom projects, and our dedication to excellence, detail, and proven results are a strict commitment to our customers.


All SBR  supplied engines are warrantied against defects due to poor workmanship and professional negligence. We are insured and bonded in the State of New Jersey,  and have been members of AERA since the early 90's.


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Dario Miranda